Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

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Grouse Moor Management Recognised

The government have declared their support for grouse moor management, Finally.

An official response to a petition for Grouse moor management DEFRA has declared that the government in Westminster applauds grouse moor management as a whole recognising the benifits it has to the biodiversity of the environment.

Projects such as BASC Green Shoot Mapping program and bag counts has helped this decision showing that shoots nationwide can work alongside countryside management groups to proactively sustain our wildlife population and the biodiversity of the country.

It proves that shooting sports and the environment can work very well together.

The government also advised that shooting, fishing and hunting in the UK has to be protected to allow for continued management.

However, the Scottish Government has not commented on Westminsters comments.

It looks like good news for Sporting Estates and the future of Grouse Moors after a very trying and worrying time in the industry with the talk of the Scottish government talking about regulations aimed at sporting estates.


1 thought on “Grouse Moor Management Recognised

  1. Thank goodness for some common sense, I applaud everyone involved in making this decision for looking at the bigger picture in what is actually involved in moor/hill management giving huge benefit to our landscape, wildlife and socially, it is a way of life. The shooting of grouse is only a part of it.
    However, I fear what the ‘socialist’ SNP lot will now try.
    Will they support all Fieldsports? doubt it very much, if they do it will be begrudgingly.

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