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Field Sports Scotland

Hunting and Field Sports in Scotland

About Us

Field Sports Scotlands arrived from the success of our Insite hunting buy and sell page on Facebook,

We at Insite Hunting were looking for a professional platform to do our very sought after reviews,

We also wanted to showcase some of our and others exploits and Photographs and give our own views of the world of Shooting.

Firstly who are We??

We we are a mixed bunch of friends but all shooters and fishers. We are passionate about the countryside, ecology, the environment and our sport and we are very experienced in what we do.

I will start introducing myself as I am the owner and manager of the page.

I am in my late 30’s and a father of four lovely children, but relevently I work as Assistant Deer Manager, Factor, Personal advisor, professional stalker and probably the only employee of Game Management Scotland Ltd. In the end I assist in the wildlife management of Thousands and Thousands of acres of Woodland and hill ground throughout the Highlands.

I also personally look after the pest control on 6 large farms in the Inverness and Loch Ness areas and help in the operation of a small but exclusive pheasant shoot.

I am a passionate rifle shooter and I love Pest control, I trained in my earlier years as a Grouse Keeper but due to  finding it almost impossible on getting back on an estate I decided I could do this on my own. I find myself now spending evening and free time giving advice about products, advertising and various other to the gamekeeping and shooting community, in which is never a chore.

One of the things I love about what I do is reviews for companies such as :



Thomas Jacks


John Rotherey (Bisley)

My reviews are always honest and independent and for much of it I recieve no reward other than the pleasure and enjoyment of doing them so there is no reason for me to be biast about a product.

My qualifications in the business are as follows

MA Highland Gamekeeping

Deer Management Qualifications 1 and 2

Quad certificates

Firearms and Shotguns certificates

and various other specific qualifications for some of the products I use.

I currently shoot a range of calibres . .22lr , .243 and .270 , which helps me test products under the various different types of conditions.

Anyways thats enough about me, hope you enjoy the site and enjoy the reviews and get involved interactively on our Facebook page .