Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

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Warnings for Stalkers/Hunters Travelling Abroad

CWD WARNING Every year it is estimated that over 10 thousand hunters travel abroad each year to hunt from the U.K. With the detection of CWD (Chronic Wasting Disorder) in Norway the BDS are recommending new guidelines for hunters travelling abroad specially to places such as Scandinavia, USA and Canada. The disease is deadly to deer and is the same category as BSE and Scrapie, although CWD has never been thought to be contagious to humans it is passed on by the bodily fluid of animals and can spread easily to clothing. The problem with CWD is that it is almost impossible to clean off your clothes, taking good care of your equipment and regularly cleaning your clothing and boots will help but you can never guarantee that your clothing still has not got it on it. CWD is thought to have been spread to Norway due to the use of canned Doe urine used by hunters to attract Bucks but noone knows for certain. CWD poses a genuine threat to the UK and elsewhere and whole populations of deer can be wiped out. HOW DOES THIS AFFECT THE REST OF US IN THE U.K If CWD is found in the U.K this will severely affect the sale of venison by hunters and new regulation in the control of the deer population will have to be introduced, CWD can affect a lot of deer and is very contagious causing pocketed areas of mass death amongst deer. Due to movement of stags and Bucks during the rut periods large areas can be affected very quickly. WHAT IS BEING RECOMMENDED? Travelling Hunters and Bush Fishermen are being advised when travelling to either borrow or purchase boots and clothing abroad when they get there and leaving them there when they come back, with the disease being almost impossible to sterilise against these recommendations seem very viable to help secure our very own deer population in the UK. Hundreds if not thousands of hunters travel abroad every year in pursuit of being able to hunt in exotic and challenging locations so it is vital for the future of our own home sports that we stick very closely to the disease guidelines given to us. Article by David Tulloch