Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

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Watching for foxes at midnight

We live in a  world of politics,

The ever changing tides of time force Hunting, shooting and Field Sports in general deeper and deeper into the realm of the political agenda of those trying to make a name for themselves whether on the pro shooting front or the anti shooting fraternity, but, is either good for the sport?

Everyone these days seem to have some sort of an agenda. All trying to make their cases, good or bad, in the supposed name of the many when the truth is that the many in society actually have no thought on it as long as there is nothing bad reported in the news.

Shooting in general is not about politics, it is not about the colour of skin or your level of standing in the world or how much money you make, in fact in many cases there is no place for any of it and any true shooter and true hunter will tell you that. Shooting is between you your rifle, shotgun, crossbow, Bow or whatever you use and your target whether it be live quarrie or a target on the board.

Recently politics and shooters thoughts on politics has hoarded the internet and immigration being at the top of all the topics, and it is not showing shooting sports in a good light and unfortunately the authorities have noticed.

Day to day politics of the world is in every-ones lives and effects everyone, and a healthy discussion on it is not a bad thing but mixing it with sports no matter what type of sports has been historically a nightmare, so take the most controversial of sports, shooting, and you have a recipe for complete disaster.

When I shoot politics is not in my head so why should it be in the head of others, shooting is about the escape and you against you nothing else. When I draw the butt of of my stock to my shoulder all that is going through my head is the shot, my heart rate pulsing and my breathing watching the crosshair slowly settle as the beating of my heart gently stops bumping that crosshair, then silence, yes no sound, no birds twittering, neither the trees or ambient noise or even the leaves brushing together in the wind, not even the grass swishing against my face or the noise of the heather scratching against my trousers and jacket can be heard before that moment, that gentle touch of the 2lb trigger breaking like thin glass at the tip of my left index finger as I send that round into whatever my target is.

I am not saying that shooters should stop worrying about day to day politics, by god no, but if your platform to publicly speak is about shooting then some parts of politics should be left out of it.

Just my thoughts .