Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

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Hunting and Field Sports in Scotland

Facebook is Against Hunters.

Over the last 7 to 14 days Facebook has went global on all hunting groups.

Have you noticed your favourite groups changing their names in mass?

Have you noticed your groups privacy changes?

Have you noticed new rules by admins asking you NOT to show your firearms or culls?

This is because Facebook has been spending the week going through hunting groups and sending the admins Private messages suspending groups asking admin to change certain aspect to conform to their “community standards”.

Do not get me wrong, Facebook has been on the chopping block lately for a good reason as they have been put under scrutiny from various government bodies all over the world. It is a fact that Facebook has become TOO big and authorities just don’t like it, but, picking on hunters to show they are doing something is just not on.

Hunters and Fieldsports people are not doing anything illegal, in fact, we do a damn good job at moderating ourselves and our ethics by the majority of our community is second to none. We look after our environment and care about our sport so much that we contribute billions to the economy in various forms.

So why are we be persecuted??

The fact remains that we are an easy target, the general population of our nations are not hunters and many see no need to hunt or take part in fields sports in general, so it is easy to please the majority of Facebooks members by getting rid of hunters showing off their pursuits.

Over the last week many groups have moved to platforms such as MEWE to get away from the Facebook clamp down but sites like MEWE will soon have similar problems to Facebook due to their bigger community being non Field Sports people.

Field Sports Scotland and Insite Hunting have decided to start our own platform to give Field Sports people a safe place to congregate, socialise, create groups , buy & sell their items and show their hunting pics  without scrutiny at our sister site

The fight does not stop there though with Facebook. On learning we have been offering a safer service to our community they tried blocking our URL to be advertised on their site. It is starting to become a bit of a fight with the social media giant. Which is not our aim we only want to offer a safer environment for like minded people as other communities do.

Hunters are a diverse bunch and come from all walks of life and communities. There is no reason why we should be persecuted at every step we take in regards to the pursuit of our passion of being in the outdoors and being at one with our environments. Field Sports in general is under threat at every turn.

The hypocrisy of it all is the Mark Zuckerburg, founder of Facebook, declared this week that he himself enjoys hunting and field sports. So why is his organisation allowing for this persecution. Simple fact is money. The main motivation is that his organisation collects millions of peoples data and uses it to sell to marketing companies, Facebook has become the biggest marketing platform the world has every seen and he needs to keep the majority of his members happy discriminating against his fellow hunters. is continuing to thrive and the platform is growing by the minute, and being less than 3 days old it shows that there is a desperation and need for the fieldsports community to have a place of their own.

Come join us, and feel safe, as long as what you do and post is legal we are happy for you to express your sport and create your own groups within our ever expanding community.

Happy Hunting.