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I spend a lot of time and money on unpaid pest control, but although unpaid I get a lot of benefits in other ways from it  plus although I shoot a lot of deer I really love the challenge and the diversity of catching predators.

It is sometimes very hard work and very taxing on concentration with very long hours of just being patient, and this close to lambing this is where most of my focus is.

I often get asked “what is the piece of equipment you cannot live without?” well the answer to the question is usually my rifle but that’s is too simple, but, to be fair all the equipment I use is needed, whether it is the rifle or Night Vision or even a simple caller.

Recently though I have been thinking about the question a lot more and I have thought that I would be really lost without my trail cameras. The trail camera is a wonderful piece of kit and to be honest very inexpensive considering what it does. It helps you see what is happening on your grounds when you are not there, you can set up bait stations etc. and because many predators like foxes keep to the same routines you can get a good idea what time of day they are appearing on your ground.

The trail cameras do not just pick up the pests you don’t want but also are amazing at picking up some close up shots of wildlife that you never really see.

I really cannot be without it, There is plenty on the market running from £60 to £300 providing all sorts of services such as instant emails and texts of pics taken and HD video so there is a lot to choose from.


Here is some of the footage I have taken.



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