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Hot Easy meal for Everyone to Make

Following on from my recipes that are cheap and easy to make , here is my take on an old classic.

Sausage Casserole

This one is Sika Venison Sausage casserole, but you use the same principle for any kind of sausage and is easy for young keepers to make up and freeze for future consumption.


Remember I cook for 5 people or for one person for 5 days so adjust ingredient amount accordingly .

16 link sausages ( I chose Sika Venison as I have around 100 left in the freezer ) as low as £2 depending on what your buying.

3 large onions – 50p

1 large red pepper – 11p

(optional) Mushrooms, spring onion or any other veg you like in your Casserole.

The Sauce

if your a young keeper on a budget get yourself a couple of packets of casserole mix for 75p

or you do what I do…..

Onion Gravy granuals, – 80p

Garlic ( chopped or powder ) depending but can be as low as 50p

Tin of tinned tomatoes ( plum or chopped ) 60p

and 3 to 600ml of water depending on how many portions you want….

Now the rest is simple.

blend or mix the sauce ingredients together.

Put the sausages  into a large casserole dish or oven dish , the sausages can be put in completely frozen so don’t worry about defrosting them.

Chop up all the Onions and peppers and whatever else you wanna throw in and add it with the sausages.

Add the sauce ingredients over the sausages and give a quick mix round and make sure the liquid covers the meat and veg mix.

And FINALLY just cover and put in the oven.

Oven should be set between 150 and 200 degrees C and cook for around 1 hour.


Serve with mix veg or mash or whatever you fancy and separate what you don’t need and freeze or put in the fridge for another day.

Perfect hot meal for a cold day .