Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

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Glamping While you Hunt.


What is Glamping ??? Well Glamping is camping in style,

I take a lot of guests out shooting and recently a lot of them have asked about camping and caravan instead of traditional Hotels and Bed and Breakfast, and with this there has been a recent rise in “Glamping”.

Different and unusual accommodation in the form of “pods” being offered as comfortable and affordable accommodation to those that want to be closer to nature.

This phenomena has seen the creation of parks offering This great comfortable and affordable accommodation in a number of locations.

The prancing Pony in Bonar Bridge in the Highlands offers this very service, guests get to enjoy that closer to nature feel but not have to rough it in the wilds at an affordable cost, these pods come with Solar Power and WiFi and with an open fire but still having that closer to nature feel of being in the outdoors and to add environmentally friendly.

Some of the feedback I have had from visiting hunters in regards to this kind of service has been phenomenal, with many liking the fact that they can come and go as they please, day or night, in which a lot of hotels and BnB’s either frown upon or are unable to accommodate. With Kitchen facilities within the pod allowing the hunter/fishermen etc. to be able eat when they need to and not have to be about for scheduled kitchen times that become very inconvenient for those trying to be out for first or last light. The Prancing Pony also understands the needs of their guests giving them the privacy they need as well as being there onsite to help with anything 24 hours per day.

This could be the future for hunting accommodation adding to the experience of the Hunting trip and the enjoyment of being closer to nature even when you sleep.

Check out for that extra experience.