Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

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Five Year Debate and No Change

It seems the anti-shooting lobbyists have taken another blow in their battle against shooting sports. LAG , a joint group setup 5 years ago to investigate the impact of lead shot and lead based ammunition on meat put into the food chain, has been been advised by DEFRA that they believe that lead based ammunition and shot has no significant impact on meat cosumed, the FSA (one of the groups the LAG was set up to advise) released guidelines on how to process food that has been shot using lead based ammunition which was in contrary to the findings reported by LAG.

LAG (Lead Ammuninition Group) has been very controversial over the last five years with claims that much of the group were anti-shooting and with half the group walking out because of this view, it seems much of the agenda had dominated against shooting as a whole and not following the agenda of what it was dezigned to do. It also seems that a report sent to the government (that noone has seen) by LAG saying that basically Lead shot and lead based ammunition should be banned and that it was a serious health risk although it seems this report was very one sided on behalf of the anti-shooting members ofthw group.

The government has came to the agreement with DEFRA and issued a statement advising that there would be no need for LAG anymore as it has decided that there was no significant evidence that lead ammunition did pose a threat.

Members of LAG have come out and said that they will still persist with the group privately which kind of proves their anti shooting views.