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Deer Syndicates Available


This is an Update as more property has come on the market today.

Available Syndicate Places All starting the 1st of April .

Block 1. 300 acre block part of a larger forest network near Ardgay South Sutherland , one place to join 5 existing members available,  £550 plus VAT, Red Roe and Sika present.

Block 2. 400 acre Block part of a larger forest network Near Tain RossShire, £900 plus VAT, 1 place to join 3 others , Red Roe and Sika .

Block 3. 1500 acres close to Inverness, Prime Sika location but also holds Red and Roe in good numbers, 1 place to join 5 others , £1750 plus VAT .

Block 4. Approx 1000 acres Near Dallas Morayshire, Good number of Reds and Roe, 1 place to join 4 others, £1500 plus VAT .

Block 5. 3000 acres of forest ground with good Sika Red and Roe numbers, North Sutherland. This is a premium block with mixed forest with large open areas and rides, it also has approximately 400 acres of open hill ground. The property is fenced but it is not completely closed off to the open hill ground surrounding it so it provides very good shelter for deer during rougher times. This block also has with it gaming rights for Grouse and Woodcock as well as fishing on the adjacent loch. Due to the versatility of this property I have the opportunity to either put it out to one person at £15000 plus VAT or put 6 guns on sharing at £2500 plus Vat per year.
The previous lease holder visited the forest only on 2 occasions both very successful and enjoying some good sport but as they were unable to make full use of the forest due to time they have allowed me to let it out to someone else.

(I am also taking interest on 1 place to join 2 existing members on an approx 9000 acre forest in North Sutherland 2 hours north of Inverness. This location has Red Roe and Sika in good numbers, there is a developement program on this property in which the construction of a larder is being planned.

This is a mixed forest with large open areas. approximately 200 acres is managed clearfell near the road edge and this will be managed by us, however this does not stop the member from hunting in these areas, and there is a dedicated stag feeding area stretching approximately 100 acres that is a no shooting zone. The price of a place on this block is £5500 plus VAT for 1 year.

This woodland has an active management plan that includes a forest developement and replant but also a planned future game development to use parts of the forest to increase and develope the herd. Please be aware that around 200 acres of this forest will have licenses on it to control the deer in these areas but does not effect the majority of the forest. Large areas of the forest have already been felled and mulched and will not be replanted only a small part of this forest is scheduled for replant.)

if you are interested contact me via email:


 1 year lease from start of signing.

All our places on any forest are subjdct to the same rule.

1. Dsc1 , fac and insurance to £10 mil are minimum requirement.

2. 1 rifle on the ground at any one time. Rifles used must be registered to registered member.

3. No night shooting or out of season shooting.

4. Booking dates are on an online calendar with confirmation email within 48 hours notice minimum of visit date .

5. No block booking of any more than 3 days at a time unless prior arrangement is made.

6. Management of property is retained by owner.

7. Management have the right to make spot checks on properties to make sure rules are not being broken.

Overseas applicants welcome.

We manage stalking on over 200 thousand acres of forest and hill ground with nearly 60 members throughout with many satisfied members getting some very good quality deer.

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For any of the blocks above your interest and paperwork to


DO NOT PM I will just lose track of your messages.

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  1. Interested but will probably only manage say 3 – 6 visits a year, max. (Two of us have been stalking together for 20+ years)

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