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My Recipe For Venison Roast.

I know it looks lonely but it really does help having the space.

Roast Venison Haunch

If you really want to impress, in-laws, friends, family or even your Mrs or just want to just want to cook up something that can be used over a period of time that will make a delicious meal hot or cold then this is the recipe for you and it is really easy.

Don’t get worried about the thoughts of making a huge roast dinner if I can do it you can too it really is not that hard and in fact it is by far the easiest meal you could ever make.

When I shoot a beast and butcher it, it usually will last around 2 months worth of meals for the 6 of us. From the various cuts I can make mince and that does for all sorts of meals such as Lasagne ans Spag Bol and the off cuts into stews or to make pies or just your standard Roast dinner.

So it is worth while taking that odd beast for yourself.


Nice Venison Haunch (You can use beef but I am not a fan of roast beef), for me free but you can pick one up for around £8 to £10 for a decent size

A bag of Shallotte’s from the supermarket, usually about a £1.

3 Peppers, I use red, orange and yellow not Green as it can be quite bitter £1

4 large Spring Onions, £1 (you can use small ones just use more of them)

A couple of chopped carrot, 20p.

Some Gravy granules, I use Gluten free as Mrs has Gluten issues but cheap granules is fine. 80p

Mushrooms, usually between 50p and £1 a punnet.

And water. There is no exact amount of water needed and just from the tap is fine.

For the Roast itself that’s about all you need

You can add other seasoning like Garlic granules but I usually have all that already in the cupboard and genuinely that sort of thing lasts for around a 100 meals so not going to bother costing it for this recipe as most of the flavour is in the.

Serve with your favourite veg such as Potatoes, Brussels, parsnips you get the jist. Can also be served with chips or left overs being sliced for sandwiches or future meal.

Now before I tell you what to do to prep it I have to tell you this is not the only way people make roasts so do not be afraid to change ingredients to suit taste but the key is in the gravy so DO NOT LET IT DRY OUT IN THE OVEN.

Put your oven on at around 200 degrees (temp and time may vary but heat up your oven)

Brown and seal the meat in a frying pan so the whole meat has been browned on the outside.

Place your haunch in a roasting tin that IS BIGGER than the venison haunch, this is to allow for the juices to move freely when cooking as that’s where your flavours are coming from.

I know it looks lonely but it really does help having the space.

You can score the meat IF YOU LIKE, but I don’t.

Peel your Shallotte’s but do not chop them you need to keep them whole.

Clean and prep your Spring Onion removing dirty skin and unwanted leaf and slice length ways.

Chop Carrots, chop peppers and slice mushrooms (quantity mat vary depending how many your cooking for)

Layer the sliced spring onions under the meat so the meat is sitting on a bed of spring onion.

Take your whole Shallotte’s and stuff a couple in the middle off the meat and the rest put around the meat.

Evenly spread the rest on the veg throughout that rest of the roasting tin.

Beautifully browned

Sprinkle a generous amount of Gravy granules over the meat and over the veg, no exact science to this, For large roasts expect to use most of the tub.

Add water, hot or cold, to for a 1 or 2 cm base to the roasting tin, but make sure there is plenty but not too much as this will make your gravy for the whole meal.

Cover the whole thing with tin foil leaving no gaps with the shiny side facing towards the meat.

Put in the oven for 45 minutes ,

Check meat and gravy after 45 minutes making sure there is enough water and turn over.

It is best to check the meat frequently to make sure it is cooking fine and not drying out.

Once cooked separate the meat from the gravy and put liquid through a sieve into a pot

DO NOT DISGARD ANY OF THE MIXTURE as the veg is lovely and can be served separately as part of the meal along with the meat.

Beautiful , moist and melts in yer mouth

Just to add if you like your meat crispy on the outside you can put the meat on its own back in the oven for another 10 minutes.

There you have it … Depending on the size of the meat, Small Roe can take 1 hour to cook a large red can take up to 3 hours to cook but slow cooking is really the key to locking in those flavours so I usually cook from 2 to 4 hours but reducing times and checking everything frequently.

As I said no science to it just common sense. I cook all my red meat roasts in this manner not just venison.