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Is it Time for Packham to Pack Up?

BBC presenter Chris Packham is to keep his job with the BBC after the investigation in to whether his comments breached the BBC’s impartiality clause or not.

“The Nasty Brigade” is what Chris says to describe those in the shooting community and has mentioned this very phrase on TV, however, the BBC claim that as Mr Packham is not “On Air” enough and his contracted time is not long enough that he is not restricted by their impartiality policy, to the general public and to those that he clearly has an “extreme agenda” against recognises him as being a PRESENTER on the BBC’s Springwatch program which is watched by millions of people and that this ruling is utter nonsense.

Chris Packhams hypocritical views on air are watched and taken in by millions of people and these views SHOULD be curbed while on public television. Mr Packham is the Vice President of the RSPB in which every year does a lot of harm to the environment themselves as well as extreme deer culling in places of “natural beauty”. No doubt these culls have to happen and I personally am not against the culls but what I am against is the hypocritical views Mr Packham has against the shooting community when his own organisation rely s on the shooting community to do their own dirty work.

Chris has hit out again recently in regards to the shooting of Woodcock claiming that hunters kill mainly UK residential birds when in fact research into this shows that only a fraction of the birds taken are native to the UK and that the worldwide numbers of Woodcock is stable and sustainable and that there is no need to put them as protected.


Time after time Mr Packham is attacking the shooting community as a whole with rude and derogatory statements made while on air about the community and it is very much a clear agenda that he has against the shooting fraternity. Is it time for him to go? Well that is not for me to say but it is the view of many within the fieldsports community , his comment are embarrassing and being allowed to have these views openly without argument on the BBC which is paid for by the license fee is outright wrong. I think it is time that Mr Packham is held to answer for his comments and that his contract time to be severely cut within the BBC so he is prevented to say something stupid.

It is just a matter of time before Mr Packham decides to attack another part of the community that has to stop.


by David Tulloch