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4th october 2019

Official Report.

Tottingworth farm shop and cafe.

Halley Rd,
Broad Oak,
Heathfield TN21 8TG,

Tottingworth Farm shop & cafe is a well established family buissness, but unfortunately it has been the target of numerous demonstrations by vegan activist’s over the last couple of years.

In recent months, Sussex Animal Save have chosen to protest on days that their Farm Shop and Cafe is open.

It has come to Tottingworth Farms attention that the latest “Close Down Tottingworth Farm” campaign is being held this coming Sunday 6th October!

This will course much upset, also will have potential of affecting customers visiting their establishment, for breakfast or lunch.

The activists and vegan exstremists are going to be holding a protest at the entrance of their establishment. Potentially blocking the entrance to the farm.

This is not only dangerous but has coursed great CONCERN for the owners at tottingworth farm, that someone may be hurt by their protesting as they can be quiet forceful.

They are urging pleople to feel free to visit as normal on Sunday 6th, but to drive carefully past the activists and to be aware.

The extremists aims are to discuss their views with you but you have no obligation to stop and talk to them.

They have been overwhelmed by support from customer’s in the past, they have reported to have said ‘Tottingworth farm will continue to stand strong supporting not only our own farming business but the whole British farming industry.’

Tottingworth also said …quote:
‘As we have said before, we understand that everybody has a right to make their own dietary choices but we will not succumb to harassment by this group of activists.’

Tottingworth Farm have stated they are very much there to stay and will welcome their customers to enjoy good quality and locally sourced produce at Tottingworth Farm.

Reported by
By Liz bowring.

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