Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

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Hunting and Field Sports in Scotland

Can You Write an Article???

Fields Sports Scotland is always looking for Up to date articles and exploits for their readers to enjoy. Since field Sports Scotland started it has been down to 1 person to add content to the pages of this site, Now I am looking for a small team of would be writers to help add content with news, reviews and exploits of their chosen discipline. I would like to cover the following subjects, Clay and Game Shooting, (position filled) Fishing, (position filled) Hawking and falconry,  (position filled) Wildfowling Knife making and crafts (position filled) Gundogs and Tracking, Stalking (position filled) Pest Control Rimefire Shooting / Centrefire Shooting Target Shooting International Hunting,   If you think you are able to give up around a hour of your time each month to write an article ( with pics if possible ) about your chosen discipline drop me an email at . The position is unpaid and does not require a lot of commitment, all articles will be edited by me but the content will be yours and submissions will be asked for by the last day of the month. It will be fun listening to the exploits of all the different disciplines.