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Are we Ready for the Rut?

Well that time is upon us , Red Deer rut 2016 is here again. I know a lot of stalkers have been waiting for this time of year and for many shooters this is the time of the year they are most excited about. Bird season started with the Grouse on the 12th August and although the red stags have been in season since the 1st of July, it is the rut they are most excited about. Recreational stalkers will be dusting off their trust rifles, cleaning up their boots and putting on their tweeds just to do what they love the most. Stalking for the UK’s biggest deer THE RED. There is nothing like the majestic sound of the stags roaring through the Glen and the Sika stags whistling deep within the woods of the Highlands. It’s been a bit of a weird year this year with the temperatures being up and down but this last week has given us touches of colder evening air with a more 11 or 12 degrees C daily temp. Well for those of you out this season, stay safe and happy hunting.