Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Field Sports Scotland

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A Predator On Test

This week saw the arrival of a NiteSite Wolf for testing by Insite Hunting and Fieldsports Scotland.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be putting the NiteSite through its paces on all our pest control programs.

We had it out for the first time last night and we had some very good results while it was attached to the CZ 455 .22lr had a cracking final bag within 15 minutes we were 6 in the bag with a 3 hour final count that was over 30. If we had went on later it would have made light work of the old Rabbits.

Even after the first outing I have found some downsides as well as some very positive results, one main positive is that I did take a couple of shots in spots where I have missed before at night and during the day  but with NiteSite I took shots in the similar location and was very happy with the outcome. Accuracy is key and although my rifle I know is very accurate I have to say the level of accuracy for me as the user has definitely increased.

Watch out for our coming reviews.